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Peabody News
Football: Week 2
Friday, August 25
Peabody Golden Tide vs. Milan Bulldogs
Home, 7:30
Athletics: Fall, 2017
Monday, August 21 - vs. Union City, Home, 6:00
Tuesday, August 22- at Halls, 6:00
Girls Soccer
Monday, August 21 - at South Gibson, 5:30
Tuesday, August 22- vs. Milan, Home, 5:30
Thursday, August 24- vs. Gibson Co., Home, 5:30
Saturday, August 26- at Milan, 5:30
Monday, August 21 - Tournament at Dyersburg, All Day
Thursday, August 24 - vs. Dresden, Greenfield, Union City, 4:00
Student Council Advisor of the Year

Mrs Katie Bruketta was nominated and chosen to represent Tennessee as the Warren E. Shull High School Advisor of the Year. Warren Shull founded the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) in 1931. áHe recognized that leadership is service. Every state chooses a middle level and high school student council advisor who demonstrates exemplary character, leadership, and commitment to young people and their development as student leaders. áWe respect the work that Mrs. Bruketta does atáTrenton Peabody and greatly value her service and commitment to the Tennessee Association of Student Councils (TASC) over the years.á
Soccer: The Jackson Sun
á á áá
á á Coach Wuchterá á á á á á Jacob Greene á á á á á Mikey Sanders á á á á á á áBen Allen
Congratulations to Peabody head soccer coach, Joseph Wuchter, Seniors Jacob Greene, Mikey Sanders, and Ben Allen.
  • CoacháWuchter wasá​selected as the Jackson Sun's Coach of the Year for the 2017 season.
  • Jacob and Mikey were selected to the first team All-West Tennessee team.
  • Ben was selected to the second team All-West Tennessee team.
Football: Cooper Baugus
Cooper Baugus, at a recent Manning QB Camp, posed with Heisman winner, Lamar Jackson, of Louisville, and QB Jalen Hurts, of Alabama.

Cooper with Lamar Jackson

Cooper with JalenáHurts
Success in the New Economy
This is the video we show to Peabody students regarding "college for all"...the different paths of post secondary education including tech schools, 2 year schools, etc.á
It explains the current demands of today's society and the education level needed. This is played for our upper level students during meetings with REDI (Regional Economic Development Initiative) on parent nights and assemblies.á
Franky McCordáfrom REDI has offered to come into our lower level grades as well to begin this discussion with our students!

Band of Gold: Banquet Awards
Officers for 17-18
Seated left to right: Eshan Patel (Captain), Karrigan Wade (Field Commander), Kendall Powell (Field Commander), Claire Rollins (Captain).
Standing left to right: Anna Tubbs (Lieutenant), Reni Erven (Lieutenant), Chloe Cates (Ensemble Captain).
Not Pictured: Angela Abbitt (Guard Captain).

John Phillip Sousa Award
Carl Nowell, pictured with Director, Steven Westbrook.

Andy Stott Award
Billy Gibson (left) and Patrick Dudley (right)
Erika Kirk Award
Madison Walk (center)

Pepsi Golden Note Award
Tyson Bartholomew, pictured with Director Steven Westbrook.

Most Improved (MI) and Outstanding (O) Awards
Seated left to right: Stokeley Ellison (MI Soph.), Jessica Phillips (MI Fresh.), Jordan Haynes (MI Guard, Jr.)
Standing left to right: Eshan Patel (O Jr.), Matthew Fugera (O Fresh.), Mary Wilson (Outstanding Guard, Sr.), Jake Smith (O Soph.).
Not Pictured: Nadja Donnell (MI Jr.)

Spirit Award
Lauren McLemore (left) and Haeleah Lester (right)
Dedication Award
Sterling Proctor (standing)
Excellent Video on Autism
Message from the Principal

The Trenton Special School District is attempting to meet or surpass some excellent work done by our faculty and students over the last two years:

Spring, 2014 and 2015 Peabody:áEOCáResults
P/A = % of students who were Proficient and Advanced
Growth = TVAAS, or Tennessee Value Added Assessment System--- (Basically, a positive number means we took a student at the beginning of the year and gained more than a years worth of knowledge with them in that subject. The larger the number, the more we "grew" them).

  • Algebra 1:
    • 2014- #11 of 368 schools in TN in P/A; Top 3%. Growth; 43.7
    • 2015- á#8 of 376 schools in TN in P/A; Top 2%. Growth; 36.3
  • Algebra 2:
    • 2014- #7 of 136 districts in TN in growth (19.6, for a 25% increase); Top 5%
    • 2015- #20 of 359 schools in TN in proficiency; Top 6%. Growth; 39.4
  • English 1:
    • 2014- #4 of 136 districts in TN in growth (4.5, for a 15.6% increase); Top 3%.
    • 2015- #43 of 367 schools in TN in P/A; Top 12%. Growth; 3.5
  • English 2:
    • 2015- #41 of 370 schools in TN in P/A; Top 11%. Growth; 6.9
  • English 3:
    • 2014- #4 of 136 districts in TN in growth (2.5, for a 12.9% increase); Top 3%.
    • 2015- #91 of 371 schools in TN in P/A; Top 25%. Growth; 4.2
  • Biology:
    • 2015- #80 of 373 schools in TN in P/A; Top 22%. Growth; 16.6
  • Chemistry:
    • 2015- #58 of 366 schools in TN in P/A; Top 16%.

Source: 2014- Tracy Allen, Educational Consultant
Source: 2015- Tennessee Department of Education

Peabody HigháSchool was founded in 1877 with money donated by George Peabody.
Mr. Peabody was an international merchant and financier. At the conclusion of the Civil War, he donated $3.4 million to establish the 'Peabody Education Fund' in order to rebuild schools in the south.áThe $3.4 million would be the equivalent of $75 million today.

From the George Peabody Museum website:
The Southern states suffered greatly both during and after the American Civil War. Moved by their situation, George Peabody wanted to help. He believed that education would help the Southern people rebuild and so donated funds to "promote and encourage the intellectual, moral and industrial education of the destitute children of the Southern States." The Fund also attempted to establish a permanent education system run by qualified teachers.

In recognition of this act of philanthropy, Congress unanimously approved a resolution of gratitude and presented Peabody with a gold medal. Also, President Andrew Johnson personally visited Peabody and thanked him for his efforts.
He was a remarkable man who gave millions to those in need yet never actually bought any property for himself.áClick on his picture to learn more.
Peabody High School is proud to carry the name of such a fine person and we will throughout the school year post more information about his life. In the meantime please visit the website listed above toá learn moreáabout our namesake.
More from the website:
"Although George Peabody was first and foremost an American
businessman, his philosophic ideals transcended the war. áAs such, he
was more concerned with helping people than with politics. áThis was
evident in the effort he put forth in the Peabody Education Fund."

á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á -Mayor Michael Bonfanti
ááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá Peabody, MA
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